FishServe Client Services

Over the past twelve years we've focused on our primary function of providing statutory services to the New Zealand seafood industry. During this time we've developed a wide range of skills particularly in the areas of website development, reporting solutions and business process automation.

We're able to utilise this expertise to provide additional non-statutory services to the seafood sector. Our strategic vision summarises this approach;

In 2016 FishServe will have a central role in the seafood sector in delivering statutory services and providing service delivery support to industry organisations

FishServe will tailor systems and processes to support the implementation of individual fisheries management rules for each industry organisation

Our organisation will be highly flexible, dynamic, innovative and responsive to the changing demands of the seafood sector

FishServe EXTRA provides outsourcing and business process improvement services to sector groups within the commercial fishing sector. We're committed to working in partnership with your stakeholder organisation to provide the best solution, customised for your organisation. The services FishServe EXTRA offers include but are by no means limited to the following;

Website Development
Project Management
Website and Database Hosting
Financial Accounts Management
Customised Fisheries Data Collection
Reporting Solutions
Data Entry Services
Questionnaire, Voting, Polling Solutions
Call Centre Support

If you think we can help your stakeholder organisation with any of these services, contact us now to discuss.

FishServe Client Services Representative FishServe Client Services Representative FishServe Client Services Representative FishServe Client Services Representative