Upcoming Changes to Cheque Payments

As you may know, over the next few weeks a number of banks in New Zealand will be phasing out cheques. Additionally, it’s become more difficult and time consuming to process cheques.

Due to these changes, we will not be able to accept cheque payments after the 31st of May 2021.

How can I pay?

If you currently pay by cheque, you will need to switch to a different method of payment by the end of this month. Here are some ways you can pay instead:   

Bank Deposit

You can pay via bank deposit through internet banking. For example, if you’re paying for your FishServe statement, you can find the relevant bank account details at the bottom of the statement.

Direct Debit

You can sign up for Direct Debit online under the Finance tab on the FishServe website. To do this, click Sign Up for Direct Debit under each statement and complete the form when prompted.

Alternatively, you can follow the Direct Debit sign up link featured on your statement.  

Credit / Debit Card

You can also pay for your FishServe statements using a credit / debit card. Please note that this method of payment is not available for other statements. 

To pay for FishServe statements using a credit / debit card, go to the Finance tab on the FishServe website and click the Pay Now next to the statement balance.

Alternatively, you can use the Pay Now link featured on your FishServe statement to pay using a credit / debit card.  

Our helpline is available on 04 460 9555 to help you switch to an alternate method of payment. Otherwise, you can use our online contact form to get in touch.

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