Shark Finning Ban from 1 October 2014

Shark Finning Ban

From 1 October 2014, it is illegal to remove the fins from a shark and discard the body of the shark at sea.

The Fisheries (Commercial Fishing) Regulations 2001 require that any shark fins landed must be naturally attached to the body of the shark (see factsheet 2).

The Regulations provide exceptions to the ‘fins attached’ requirement for eight species of shark. These exceptions take two forms, the first is for blue shark and it allows the fins to be removed from the body but requires that the fins be attached to the body after processing (before landing). The second exception is for seven other QMS species, for which the fins may be landed separately but in accordance with a gazetted ratio (see factsheet 3).

Ratio Elephantfish (ELE)
Ghost Shark (GSH)
Mako Shark (MAK)
Pale Ghost Shark (GSP)
Porbeagle Shark (POS)
Rig (SPO)
School Shark (SCH)
Fins artificially attached Blue Shark (BWS)
Fins naturally attached Spiny Dogfish (SPD)
All Non-QMS Species


More information:

A copy of the regulation amendments are available from the government legislation website by clicking on the links below: