Scampi ACE Crown Tender 2020-01

Tender 2020-01 Details 

Visit the Ministry for Primary Industries website to view the outcomes of previous tenders.

StockCommon NameRegular ACE (kg)
SCI3 Scampi 124,345
SCI5 Scampi 31,742
SCI6B Scampi 40,000
SCI7 Scampi 60,000
SCI8 Scampi 4,000
SCI9 Scampi 27,999

Tenders close on Tuesday 22 September 2020 at 3.00pm

Tenders must be submitted using the prescribed tender form which contains the conditions of tender.

Please contact Mala Gunasekera on (04) 460 9542 for the prescribed form and full details of the tender process or download it here.

*Other Crown ACE will be put up for tender after the start of the fishing year.

Mala Gunasekera
The Crown Quota Broker
P O Box 24 346
Manners Street
Wellington 6142
(04) 460 9542