Reporting Code Changes

The codes for the following species have been amended following changes to the reporting regulations. To avoid your returns being rejected please ensure you use the new codes listed below.

SpeciesOld CodeNew Code
King TarakihiKTATAR
Long Finned Gemfish LFGSKI
Banded Giant StargazerBGZSTA
Warty OreoWOEOEO

Please note that the code WOE should still be used on TCEPRs, the estimated catch section of CELRs, and LFRRs but that WOE must be reported as OEO on CLRs, the landing section of CELRs and MHRs.

These changes to the reporting regulations 2001 were made to take effect from 1 October 2005. As it is now four months into the new fishing year the Ministry of Fisheries requires that all stocks reported using the old codes from 1 October 2005 to date are to be amended.

Therefore on instruction from the Ministry of Fisheries FishServe has amended these returns. This will mean any catch recorded using the old codes on Monthly Harvest Returns from 1 October 2005 to date will be balanced against your Annual Catch Entitlement for these stocks. Please note that as per usual, if there is insufficient ACE to cover your catch, deemed values will be incurred.

If you have any queries please call the FishServe helpline on (09) 430 1955.