Reminder Service

Did you know that you can set up reminders that will be sent to you via email when things like your Catch Effort or Monthly Harvest Returns are due or overdue?

This service allows you to choose the email reminders you wish to receive. The service is free of charge and you can change or add or delete reminders whenever you want.

You can set yourself up to receive emails that will remind you when:

  • Catch effort returns are due
  • Monthly harvest returns are due/overdue
  • Licensed fish receiver returns are due/overdue
  • Cost recovery levies are due
  • FishServe invoices are due
  • Deemed value payments are due
  • Fishing permits are due to expire
  • Vessel permits are due to expire
  • Signing authorities are due to expire
  • Or you can set up personal reminders
  • For more information on when reminders are sent click here

    To set yourself up for reminders go to the 'Services' section.