Redbait (RBT) to be introduced into the QMS

Redbait (Emmelichthys nitidus) (RBT) is to be introduced into the Quota Management System on 1 October 2009. Below is the Ministry of Fisheries notification regarding the introduction.

Pursuant to section 35(3) of the Fisheries Act 1996 the chief executive of the Ministry of Fisheries publicly notifies that the following fishstocks will be introduced into the QMS on 1 October 2009, by way of provisional catch history (PCH):

Redbait (Emmelichthys nitidus) 1, 2 RBT1
Redbait (Emmelichthys nitidus) 3, 4, 5, 6 RBT3
Redbait (Emmelichthys nitidus) 7, 8, 9 RBT7
Redbait (Emmelichthys nitidus) 10 RBT10

Pursuant to section 35(1) and (2) of the Fisheries Act 1996, persons considered eligible to receive PCH for these fishstocks have been notified in writing.

Information and Objections

Any person who has not received such a notification, and objects to that non-notification, may lodge an objection with the chief executive. All objections must be notified in the approved form to the address below by 8 June 2009. For further information on:
  • the criteria of eligibility for an allocation of PCH and quota; and/or
  • information on the process for notifying the chief executive of an objection to their non-notification of eligibility for PCH; please contact the Allocations Team, FishServe at the details set out below.
The Allocations Team
P O Box 297
Wellington 6140
Ph (04) 460 9555