Online Vessel Registrations

You can now apply for a new vessel registration or a re-issue of a vessel registration online (for vessels 28m and under only). Once you have logged on, go to Online Services and click on Vessel Registration and complete your application. If your application is successful, you will receive your Certificate of Registration in the post.

An application must be completed by the person who is the operator of the vessel. This is the person who by virtue of ownership, a lease, a sublease, a charter, or otherwise, for the time being has lawful possession and control of the vessel.

Only vessels under 28m in length that are New Zealand owned and operated can be registered using this application. To register a vessel over 28m in length or that is owned or operated by an overseas person, please download the appropriate form, complete it and post it to FishServe. A definition of an overseas person is provided as part of the conditions of use of this application.

To have a vessel registration re-issued, the vessel's last registration must have expired or have been cancelled within the last three months or its current registration must be due to expire within the next three months. If there are any significant changes to the vessel registration, you will not be able to have the registration re-issued. If this is the case, you will need to apply for a new vessel registration.