Online ALC Registration Applications Now Available

If you are registered for Online Services you can now apply to register an Automatic Location Communicator (ALC) online.

There are two ways to submit an ALC registration application:

Vessels over 28m - Use the 'Vessel Registration over 28m' link on the 'Services' page. You are required to furnish your ALC details when completing your vessel registration. You will not be able to complete this registration application without entering your ALC details. The ALC will be registered for the same duration as the vessel being registered. A combined fee for the vessel registration and the ALC registration will be charged.

Vessels 28m and under - Use the 'ALC Registration' link on the 'Services' page. The vessel that the ALC registration is for must already be registered and must not have an ALC registered to it. The duration and fee for the ALC will be calculated to correspond with the remaining duration of the vessel registration that the ALC is linked to.

For more information you can click on the Help link on any page of the application.

ALC Registration Fees are listed in the table below:

 1 Year2 Years3 Years4 Years5 Years
- using the FishServe website
- Using Paper application forms

If you request to cancel your ALC registration prior to it expiring, you will be refunded any unused "whole" years.