New Website Services

We have added some new services to the website including registering a vessel Over 28m.

Register a Vessel Over 28m

You are now able to register a vessel Over 28m via the FishServe website. Registering your vessel online only costs $202.50, a manual registration costs $337.50.

To register your vessel online:

Log in
Click on the 'Services' tab
Select 'Vessel registration over 28m'
Follow the online instructions
Your application should be accompanied by an application to register an ALC which can be downloaded from the 'Services' page. This should be completed and posted to FishServe at the same time as your online registration is submitted. Please note we are working with the Ministry to enable ALC Registrations to be done via the FishServe website.
If your application is successful, you will receive your Certificate of Registration in the post.
If the application is for a vessel where the registration expired or was cancelled in the last three months or where the registration is due to expire in the next three months, the application will be populated with the vessel's current details.

Update Your Client details

You are now able to request changes to your client details via the FishServe website.

To request changes:

Log in
Click on the 'Services' tab
- Choose one of the following options under 'Your Information':
Your Included Persons
Your Signing Authorities
Your Contact Information
Your Contact Persons
- You can then send your requested changes to FishServe.

You can also submit your annual client update electronically. You will still receive your annual client update forms in the mail but you can request changes via the website instead of posting it back to us. Please note this service is only available once your annual client update has been sent to you in the post.

Any requests you make via this service will be processed within two working days.

If you have any questions about these new services please call the helpline on (04) 460 9555 or email: