New Catch Effort forms from 1 October 2007

From 1 October 2007 two new catch effort forms will come into effect. The Trawl Catch Effort Return (TCER) and Lining Trip Catch Effort Return (LTCER) will replace the Catch Effort Landing Return (CELR) for most vessels that are over 6 metres and under 28 metres that fish using either trawling or lining methods.

Examples of the forms and the explanatory notes are available below. Please note these are subject to change.

FishServe is currently working with the Ministry of Fisheries to develop working examples of the forms and also to get the forms printed and sent to clients by 1 October 2007.

If you have any queries about these forms please contact Bruce Vander Lee at the Ministry of Fisheries on (04) 819 4352 or email