New Automatic Location Communicator (ALC) Regulations

The regulations relating to the registration of Automatic Location Communicators (ALCs) is changing. From 16 December 2010 there will no longer be a list of Type Approved ALCs and all new ALC registrations (ie ALCs that have not been previously registered) will require that the supplier of the ALC provide a declaration that the ALC being registered complies with the Fisheries (Satellite Vessel Monitoring) Regulations 1993.

This means that any new ALC application needs to be accompanied by a Supplier Declaration Form completed and signed by the supplier of the ALC. The declaration confirms that the ALC being registered satisfies the requirements set out in the Government Gazette. A checklist of the requirements is provided on the Supplier Declaration Form.

A full description of the ALC unit requirements can be found in the ALC Standards Circular.