New Website Functionality 26 September 2016

Thank for your feedback on Kupe to date.  We have addressed some of your concerns in today’s release and are continuously working to address all of them. 

The following changes have been made to the website and have been released tonight: 

  • The CSV and PDF versions of reports now include more information including the name of the report, the stock code, the date run and other client related information.
  • You can now see an estimation of how much ACE your Quota shares will generate.
  • Unit prices on ACE transfers – either provide the total price or the unit price and the system will calculate the total price.
  • The discrepancy report is back. If there are any discrepancies between your MHR and LFRR landings (backdated to include MHR’s from July to September and other), your Returns Contact person will receive an e-mail and an item will show on your to do list. You currently have the ability to ignore discrepancies and the ability to select a threshold is coming soon.  Since we are reviewing more than just your last MHR, you may end up receiving a number of emails – this should just be a one off as it normally ties in with you submitting your MHR.
    For more information regarding the discrepancy report please follow this link
  • The Paua and Rock Lobster Commodity Levy statements will show the estimated ACE equivalent rather than Quota Shares.

 We will continue working on releasing a number of new features in October which includes: 

  • The ability to download a PDF of your MHR or MHRA.
  • Applications for Foreign Owned vessels to replace the paper application forms.
  • ACE Transfers – allowing you to download a CSV including all the stocks of the transfer.  This won’t cover allocations at this point, so please contact us if you need this and we can send it out once we’ve allocated ACE over the weekend

1 October 

1 October is approaching.  We will be taking the website down on Friday evening at around 9pm so we can begin our preparations for this.  Since this is the first run with Kupe we will have a team on deck to keep an eye on all the processes happening and make sure everything is as we expect.  You should be receiving your notifications on Saturday, with the website being available from the same time.  

Please continue to submit your feedback in the contact us box on the website.