New Website Functionality 10 November 2016

Thank you for your feedback on Kupe to date. We have addressed some of your concerns in today’s release and are continuously working to address all of them.

The following changes have been made to the website:

  • A confirmation popup during entry of MHRs and MHRAs (if underfishing recalculation occurs as a result, this will now display in the confirmation)
  • The ability to export a PDF of all amendments made to a Monthly Harvest Return
  • The date format in PDF export of reports has been changed to NZ standard

We will continue working on releasing a number of new features in December including:

  • Improvements to statements including the addition of total GST for credits on the summary page and amount excluding GST for each invoice
  • The ability to view statements in a grid and download the PDF
  • A grid view of the ACE Transfer History screen Improvements to ACE reporting

Please continue to submit your feedback in the contact us box on the website.