New Website Functionality

Thank you for your feedback on Kupe to date.  We have addressed some of your concerns in today’s release and are continuously working to address all of them. 

The following changes have been made to the website and have been released tonight: 

  • We have provided a link to the public website ( from within Kupe. This can be accessed by selecting the FishServe logo on the top left corner of the screen.
  • The ACE transfer email subject line has been updated to include ‘From’ and ‘To’ information.
  • The Monthly ACE Balance notification has been updated and any reference of S80 has been replaced by Monthly ACE Balance.

We will continue working on releasing a number of requested features in September which includes:

  • Changes to the CSV and PDF export of reports to include information such as the name of the report, date run and other client related information.
  • Providing ‘Estimated ACE’ on the quota holding screen. This is the same as ACE Equivalent except for the label as we only provide an estimate and the final allocation may vary based  on the rounding rules.
  • Allowing the capture of a ‘Unit Price’ on ACE transfers. 

Please continue to submit your feedback in the contact us box on the website.