New Website Features

We have just released a number of new features to our website we hope you will find useful.  Here are some of the most important enhancements we have made; 

  • ACE Holdings screen - We have changed the 'Catch YTD' column to 'Catch at Last Balance' and introduced two columns displaying provisional balance information.  In addition you can now sort on the column headers and click on a stock to view any transfers for that stock.
  • LFR Licence - You can now view all your LFR licence details online
  • New Settings tab - On your 'My Online Settings' page - You can now select a default fishing year for all ACE Transfers and choose to always display unit prices on the ACE Transfer.  You can also set your account up to display a list of valid stock codes when entering these on an MHR or species codes on an LFRR
  • Account Balance - You can now export your account balance page and any pending dv transactions to excel.
  • Search functionality - We've improved the way our search tool works by highlighting results and displaying snippets or relevant text

If you have any questions about any of the enhancements listed above please contact us.  It would be great to get some feedback on these new features and any other recent changes we have made to the site.