New online services now available

We have been steadily adding new services to our website over the last six months.  Here are some of the most important features now available;

  • Account Balance - You can now view the last three months of statements for each of your accounts.  In addition, you now have the ability to pay your account balance for FishServe, NZRLIC and PIC using POLi, an online payment tool (you can only use this option if you are not setup to pay by direct debit).
  • Fish Farm details can now be viewed online.
  • ACE Transfer warnings - we now warn you if you attempt to transfer an amount of ACE that will result in you going below your provisional catch balance.
  • High Seas Permit details and applications are available online (since February 2013).
  • FRED and the Blue Book are now available online.  FRED since May 2013 and the Blue Book from the 30th July.  The new online FRED is the equivalent to the old FRED and includes blue book information. The data is live rather than forming part of weekly or monthly extracts.  The new online FRED Lite is the equivalent of the old Blue Book although the new version provides for a vastly improved service.  In addition we have been working on a new graphing feature for FRED and FRED Lite which will be available from the end of August.  
  • All address fields within our website are now validated using NZ Posts post code finder.
  • LFR's can complete their annual update online.
  • New Mobile services - you can use our ACE Finder tool, complete ACE Transfers and MHR's, plus view your ACE Holdings and MHR History pages via your mobile device.  We have plenty more mobile features coming soon to.
  • Quota Caveats can be viewed online.
  • Mortgages can be viewed online.
  • Find an LFR - you can search for LFR's online based on their location.  
  • Conversion Factor / Greenweight calculator - we've added a new calculator enabling you to find a conversion factor and/or calculate a greenweight for any species.
  • Catch Effort Return summary - you can view a summary of all the catch effort returns you have submitted to FishServe (via Cedric or mail) going back two years.
  • New Permit features - you can Cancel your Permit, Add Permit Copies, Request a replacement permit and from the end of August add landing points to your permit.

If you have any questions about any of the enhancements listed above please contact us.  It would be great to get some feedback on these new features and any other recent changes we have made to the site.