Maritime NZ - Consultations

Maritime NZ have two open consultations regarding maritime rules.

  1. Submissions are invited on the proposal to update New Zealand’s maritime and marine protection rules to reflect recent amendments to a handful of international conventions and codes at the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

    Submissions close 22nd June 2017

    For further information, click here

  2. Comments are invited on six proposed amendments to the 40 series of rules.

    The amendments are specific to:

    • Maritime Rules Part 40A: Design, Construction and Equipment – Passenger Ships which are not SOLAS Ships
    • Maritime Rules Part 40C: Design, Construction and Equipment – Non-passenger Ships that are not SOLAS
    • Maritime Rules Part 40D: Design, Construction and Equipment – Fishing Ships
    • Maritime Rules Part 40E: Design, Construction and Equipment – Sailing Ships
    • Maritime Rules Part 43: Radio

    The deadline for feedback is the 11th June 2017

    For further information, click here