List of PCH holders

Lists of clients who hold PCH for a species being introduced into the QMS on 1 October 2004 are now available from FishServe. The lists include the following information from the quota register:

  • Client ID
  • Legal name
  • Postal address (where available)
  • Stock code
  • PCH Amount (kg)
  • The PCH Holder's eligibility to receive quota

If you would like to request part or all of this list please contact the allocations team at the below numbers or call FishServe toll free on 0800 788 228. Please note there is no charge for this list.

Lisa Bond (04) 460 9501
Douglas Tangney (04) 460 9529
Joel Klein (04) 460 9502

For a list of species coming into the QMS on 1 October 2004 log onto


  • Click on Information Centre in the main menu on the left of the page

  • Click on Extra Information

  • Click on Quota Species

  • You will now be able to view the list

If you need any assistance please call 0800 788 228.