Invoice/Statement Format Changes

We have changed the format of your Ministry of Fisheries and FishServe accounts this month.

Points to note:

  • These are now Invoice/Statements i.e. there are no longer separate invoices in addition to the statements.

  • Cost Recovery Levies, Deemed Values & Departmental are totally separate accounts and are now shown on their own individual invoice/statement.

  • The different colours will help identify the different statement types - Cost Recovery (Pink), Deemed Values (Purple), Departmental (Blue).

  • The previous month's transactions and payments are shown in the top section of the statement, along with how payments/credits have been applied. Any balance to be brought forward is shown in the unpaid amount column.

  • Current month's transactions are shown in the middle section with the total amount due.

  • If the Total Due on a Cost Recovery statement is in brackets, this is a credit and no payment is necessary. If this is the case the remittance advice will say "Credit Balance. Do not pay". Unless otherwise advised, FishServe will use this credit to offset your current month's cost recovery levies.

  • If you have a credit balance on a Deemed Value statement it is very important you inform FishServe how you wish this credit to be utilised.

  • Would you like a refund?
    Would you like it transferred to pay your cost recovery levies?
    Or leave in your deemed value account as a credit?
  • There are now 3 separate Ministry bank accounts into which the various payments need to be made:

    Departmental (blue) 03 0049 0001709 03
    Cost Recovery (pink) 03 0049 0001709 25
    Deemed Value (purple) 03 0566 0146834 00

If you make payments via telephone or internet banking you will need to ensure that you deposit the money into the correct account and show your client number as our reference. Failure to provide us with your client number will result in the payment not being allocated to your account.

FishServe - The format of your FishServe statement has also been changed to the above. Please remember that only FishServe accounts can be paid by direct debit.

For any assistance or further information, please contact the FishServe helpline on 09 4301955.