Important information for Paua fishers

CEDRIC_icon.jpgIf you are a Paua fisher, you might be interested to know that you can now complete Paua Catch Effort and Landing Returns electronically. To start using this service all you need to do is fill out the Cedric application form, and return it to FishServe. We'll send everything you need to begin using Cedric.

There are many advantages of using Cedric including;


  • No more send backs, instant validation when entering returns removes any chance of error,
  • No more late/missing returns - instant confirmation of acceptance by FishServe every time you submit a return,
  • Instant access to all your previous catch effort data submitted using Cedric,
  • No more postage costs,
  • No more handling huge stacks of paper,
  • Soon to be released system improvements includes; automatic GPS inputs, expanded reporting functions and automatic Monthly Harvest Return completion,

To find out more about Cedric, check the FishServe website information section under Catch Effort EDT, or call the FishServe Client Services team on 04 460 9555.


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