Flatfish and Hāpuku / Bass Factsheets

Following changes to the electronic reporting circulars that took effect on the 1st of September 2021, you will need to report the 8 species of QMS flatfish, and hāpuku and bass at a species level in your electronic reports.

Please note: These codes only apply to your electronic reports. Flatfish (FLA) and Hapuku / Bass (HPB) can be reported at a group level in your Monthly Harvest Returns (MHRs) only.

Species Factsheets

MPI have put together factsheets for the reporting requirements for the 8 species of flatfish, and hāpuku and bass. These factsheets include images and characteristics of each species to help you identify them.

You can find these by using the links below:

Additional Resources

MPI Document - Itemised list of changes to electronic reporting circulars

MPI Website - 2021 amendments to the electronic catch reporting circulars

MPI Website - Digital monitoring resources

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