FishServe Returns $750,000 to Quota Owners

FishServe is happy to announce that it is to pay $750,000 back to quota owners. This is in addition to the $500,000 paid back in 2006 and the $1,000,000 paid back in 2005.

The payment is a result of further efficiencies and the contribution of revenue from FINNZ. These efficiencies were primarily in the services that we are contracted by MFish to deliver, such as quota allocations, catch effort returns and permitting. These services are paid for by crown cost recovery levies and we have therefore calculated payments based on each quota owner's share of crown levies.

In addition, permit holders who submit their Monthly Harvest Returns electronically will no longer be charged a permit holder levy, and fees for electronically submitted ACE transfers have been reduced from $16.65 to $13.50.