FishServe Website Updates

We’ve made some changes and improvements to our website. You can read more about these below. 

ER Error Emails

We’ve changed our electronic reporting error emails to make fixing ER errors easier. To help users spot and fix errors, our emails will now:

  • Include detailed descriptions of reporting errors.
  • Have a link to reports with errors that will take users right to the report amendment screen to fix and close errors

  • Group errors by vessel and trip.

  • Send a reminder for any errors that haven’t been corrected.

Trip Reports

  • Changes to Discrepancy tab on trip report spreadsheets, so it won’t include disposals with the code D or as discrepancies.

ACE & Catch

  • Total Catch column added to ACE & Catch Position spreadsheet. This column will display if a user exports their ACE & Catch Position to a .csv (Excel) file.

We are always interested in your feedback on ways we can improve our website. If you have any comments or suggestions you’d like to share, you can contact the FishServe helpline on 04 460 9555, use our online contact form or use the Feedback button on our website.