FishServe System Re-development Levy

Over the past few months FishServe has undertaken a scoping exercise to determine what is required to re-build the computer system used to run our registry services.  The current system was originally built in 2000/01 and is now in need of replacement.


To fund the needed re-build, FishServe will be introducing a new “System re-development Levy” of approximately $300,000 per annum for up to 7 years.  As has always been our practice, we will endeavour to remove the levy as quickly as possible.  The levy will be charged to clients on the basis of the volume of their activity with FishServe.  This will be calculated by each client paying a % of the new levy equal to the percentage that client pays towards FishServe current charges.


For example: a client currently paying 0.5% of FishServe’s current charges will also pay 0.5% of the new levy ($1,500p.a).


The new levy will be introduced on 1 March 2014 (invoiced 31 March) and each month clients will be invoiced one twelfth of the new annual levy.


The new computer system is required due to the aging nature of the current system and to meet the changing technology environment and new requirements of the seafood industry.


The objectives of the new system will be to:

·         Continue achieving 100% compliance with statutory obligations

·         Be flexible to accommodate industry initiatives for fisheries management and reporting

·         Be in a form that could potentially be sold offshore thus reducing FishServe costs

·         Be designed to accommodate mobile and upcoming technologies


FishServe’s cost recovery policy has always been to only set fees at a level sufficient to fund annual expenses (excluding depreciation), on the grounds that  industry funds are best retained by commercial participants rather than held by industry owned organisations.  This policy is reflected in the 60% reduction in FishServe charges, and the return of $2M to industry since our inception in 2001.  While this policy is appropriate, it does mean that when investment is required, an injection of capital needs to be sought from industry.


Please do not hesitate to contact the FishServe helpline on (04) 460 9555 for any queries.