FishServe’s new Statement of Strategic Direction

Updated 20th October 2022.

We are proud to present FishServe’s new Statement of Strategic Direction. This outlines our new vision and strategy which will steer and support us through the next 10 years.

Supporting fishers to feed the world for generations to come is our new vision. This vision reflects:

  • Our passion for those working to provide the best seafood in the world.
  • Our respect for the importance of the Quota Management System (QMS) and sustainable fishing practices in maintaining healthy fisheries for the future.

Our purpose as a business is to enable successful and sustainable fisheries through smart information services. This means:

  • Using trusted, cost-effective systems to enable the reporting and processing that underpin the QMS and public registries.
  • Making better use of data to support informed decision-making.
  • Creating more value from the same investment.

Our strategy is based around the specialist role FishServe plays. We act as a channel for useful information and data to reach those responsible for sustaining Aotearoa New Zealand’s fisheries. This channel depends on us working together towards a sustainable future.

Download our Statement of Strategic Direction here.

Te Reo Māori translation available here. Translation by Engaging Well Ltd.