Fisheries NZ - Coromandel Scallop Fishery to Remain Closed

The Coromandel scallop fishery has been fully closed to commercial and recreational fishing to allow it to recover. The Minister for Oceans and Fisheries, Stuart Nash, made the decision based on new survey information which showed the 2 open areas in the fishery could no longer sustain harvesting.

Most of the Coromandel scallop fishery and all of the Northland scallop fishery were closed in 2021 due to sustainability concerns. In summary, this means:

  • All of the Coromandel scallop fishery (SCA CS) remains closed to commercial and recreational scallop fishing.
  • The Total Allowable Catch (TAC) has been reduced from 19 to 11 tonnes.
  • Commercial and recreational allowances have been set at 0, and the allowance for customary fishing has been retained at 10 tonnes.

Decisions for the Northland rock lobster fishery (CRA 1), also included in the April sustainability review, will be announced in the coming weeks.

For more information see the Fisheries New Zealand website.

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