Fisheries NZ Consultation - Application for Ruapuke Mātaitai Reserve, Foveaux Strait, Southland

Topi Whānau, Whaitiri Whānau, and Awarua Rūnanga have applied for a mātaitai reserve around Ruapuke Island, Foveaux Strait.

Fisheries New Zealand, Topi Whānau, Whaitiri Whānau, and Awarua Rūnanga will hold a public meeting to discuss the application and invites submissions on the proposal from the local community.

The consultation closes on 5 PM on Monday the 7th of August 2023.

UPDATE - Consultation has been extended to 4th September 2023

For more information see the Fisheries New Zealand website.

Second consultation

After the local community consultation period has closed, Fisheries New Zealand will hold a second consultation. The second consultation will invite submissions from persons who take fish, aquatic life or seaweed, or own quota, and whose ability to take such fish, aquatic life or seaweed, or whose ownership interest in quota may be affected by the proposed mātaitai reserve.

Additional Resources

MPI Consultation Document - Map of the proposed Ruapuke mātaitai reserve

MPI Consultation Document - Application from Topi Whānau, Whaitiri Whānau and Awarua Rūnanga about the Ruapuke mātaitai reserve