Fisheries New Zealand consultation - Review of sustainability measures for 1 April 2021

Fisheries New Zealand seeks feedback from tangata whenua and stakeholders for:

  • proposed review  of sustainability measures for some rock lobster stocks.
    • The National Rock Lobster Management Group and Fisheries New Zealand are also proposing to review sustainability measures for some rock lobster stocks as part of this consultation. They have indicated that they will update their consulation web page to include the proposed sustainability measures for rock lobster stocks "within the next week".
  • proposed changes to the sustainability measures for several selected fish stocks or stock groupings, including: 
    • Blue Cod (BCO 4)
    • Dark Ghost Shark (GSH 1)
    • Elephant Fish (ELE 7)
    • Flatfish (FLA 2)
    • Giant Spider Crab (GSC 3, 5 and 6A)
    • Giant Stargazer (STA 1)
    • Yellow-Eyed Mullet (YEM 9)
  • a proposed s11 closure of Cockle Bay/Tuwakamana to intertidal shellfish harvesting.

The consultation closes on 5pm on Friday the 5th February 2021 

For more information see the Fisheries New Zealand website.