Fisheries New Zealand consultation - Bylaws for 3 mātaitai near Timaru

Fisheries New Zealand is consulting on bylaws for Tuhawaiki Mātaitai, Te Ahi Tarkihi Mātaitai and Waitarakao Mātaitai.

They are proposing:

  • a prohibition on harvesting all shellfish stocks (other than pāua, kina and mussels) from the Tuhawaiki and Te Ahi Tarakihi Mātaitai\
  • a daily bag limit within the Tuhawaiki and Te Ahi Tarakihi Mātaitai of:
    • 3 pāua
    • 20 kina
    • 50 kūtai (mussels)
  • a daily bag limit of 10 flatfish within the Waitarakao Mātaitai and the Te Ahi Tarakihi Mātaitai.

Consultation closes on 19 December 2018.

For more information see the Fisheries New Zealand website.