Expiring Passwords

For security reasons, passwords for the FishServe website automatically expire every 6 months. You may soon see a Password Expiration prompt appear when you login to the system.

Setting a new password is as simple as selecting Change Now and typing in a new password. If you would like further details, please read the information below for;

If you select Change Now;

Simply complete the new password details in the window that appears and select Change Password.

The Change Password button becomes active when;

  • The New Password and Confirm Password fields match,
  • the new password is different to the old password, and
  • all the password requirements are met.

Your password will be successfully changed and you can select Click here to continue to be logged into the website. Your password will not expire again for another 6 months. 

If you select Change Later;

You may get to a point where your password has expired before you have updated it.

In this case, the next time you log in you will see a Password Expired window and you must select Change Now to update your password before you can continue.

If your password is saved in your browser;

Some of you may save your password to your browser such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer (IE).

In this case, your old password will still be automatically entered in the login box. When you next login, delete the password and enter your new password.

Your browser will then ask you if you want to save this new password. Select Yes, and this will update your browser.

For example in Google Chrome:

For example in IE:


If you have any difficulties resetting your password, please contact us.

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