Electronic Reporting Circular Changes

MPI has published revised Electronic Reporting circulars which came into effect from 26 November 2019.

Most of the changes were to tidy up or clarify existing information. However, there are some notable changes.

  1. There is no longer a requirement to report Customary take on Landing Reports, so the landing code CS cannot be used on Landing Reports from 26 November 2019.
  2. A new landing code has been introduced for Biotoxin Sampling, so the code BS can be used on Landing Reports from 26 November 2019. Fish landed under the BS code is not included in your MHR.
  3. A new seabird capture code for deck strikes (L) has been added. When a deck strike occurs while trawling or lining, the seabird capture code L should be used. If a deck strike occurs when you are not fishing, a NFPS report is required, but it does not require a seabird capture code to be provided.
  4. Ling potting can be reported as a “string” rather than individual pots.
  5. The requirement to complete a separate diver record when changing paua statistical area has been removed.
  6. When ring netting - provide catch data on an aggregated basis, i.e. one report for all fishing that takes place within one nautical mile of the first event. (number of nets becomes number of shots)
  7. Clarifying the description of the 1nm requirement for when to start a new report for Set Netting.
  8. The maximum size limit of 6m for a vessel to be able to use a mobile (portable) GPR has been removed, so a mobile GPR can now be linked to any fishing vessel.

Copies of the revised circulars are available on the MPI website.