Do you want to sell or buy ACE?

FishServe Stock Market (FishStock) is the new and easy way to sell and buy ACE (Annual Catch Entitlement) online.

The FishStock website allows you to:

  • Set up an auction to sell ACE. Potential buyers can then bid to purchase your ACE.
  • Set up a 'reverse auction' for ACE you would like to purchase. Potential sellers can then offer to sell their ACE to you.


Listing an auction costs $16.65 and if the auction is successful the ACE transfer to the purchaser is free!

A 2% commission fee is only charged on auctions where there is a winning bidder.

You must be registered with FishStock to list an auction or place a bid.

To register please call (09) 430 1955 or go to to download an application form.