Direct Debit

Recently you should have received a letter about our new direct debit service. Setting up a direct debit with us has several benefits, the most obvious being the time saved by not having to post a cheque to us every month. The greatest benefit however is the security that direct debit offers you by ensuring that your FishServe levies are paid each month. This removes the possibility of permit suspension or withholding of services.

If you would like to be set up for direct debit you should complete the form we sent you and post it back to us using the pre-paid envelope we provided. If you did not receive a form in the post and would like to set up direct debit please call the FishServe helpline on (09) 430 1955.

Please note direct debit only applies to FishServe levies and application fees. Once your direct debit has been set up your bank will deduct the total amount due on your FishServe invoice from your bank account on the 20th of the month.