Crown Tender 2010-02

Crown Tender 2010-02
Quota Shares

Visit the MFish website to view the outcomes of previous tenders.
Stock Common Name Number of Shares Current TACC (kg) ACE Equivalent (kg)
PTO1 Patagonian toothfish 80,000,000 49,500 39,600
KBB3G Bladder kelp 40,000,000 1,236,800 494,720
Tenders close on Wednesday 1st December 2010 at 3.00pm
Tenders must be on the prescribed form which contains the conditions of tender.

Please contact Rachael Hepburn on (04) 460 9564 for the prescribed form.
Rachael Hepburn
The Crown Quota Broker
P O Box 24 346
Manners Street
Wellington 6142
(04) 460 9564