Conversion Factor Error

The spreadsheet of Conversion Factors on the FishServe website contained an error with regard to Gilled and gutted, tail off and tail on for the various tuna species. The landed state codes listed were the wrong way around and should have been GGO for "Gilled and gutted tail on" and GGT for "Gilled and gutted tail off".

We apologise for any problems this may have caused.

The correct landed state codes are shown below and the Conversion Factors spreadsheet has been updated.

Common NameFishstock CodeGilled and gutted
tail off (GGT)
Gilled and gutted
tail on (GGO)
Albacore tuna ALB 1.15 1.10
Bigeye tuna BIG 1.15 1.10
Pacific bluefin tuna TOR 1.15 1.10
Southern bluefin tuna STN 1.15 1.10
Yellowfin tuna YFN 1.15 1.10