Changes to Fees and Levies

There have been a number of changes to the Fees and Levies charged by FishServe, effective from 1 October 2007. The biggest change sees the elimination of the Quota Share Owner Levy. Previously, all quota owners were charged an annual levy of $153.00 and this has now been dropped completely.

There has also been a major change to the way Permit Holder Levies and LFR Levies are calculated for clients who submit their MHR's or LFRR's on paper forms. The levy is now calculated on a per line basis. The new levy structure is shown in the table below.

Levies$ per Month
(incl. GST)
LFR Levy Manual Returns Base fee including up to 5 lines 28.13
Each extra line 1.35
Electronic Returns Flat rate 15.00
Permit Holder Levy Manual Returns Base fee including up to 10 stocks 28.13
Each extra stock 1.35
Electronic Returns Flat rate 14.25

The levies remain unchanged for those clients who submit their returns electronically (via the FishServe website or file upload).

There have also been changes to fees relating to ACE caveats, quota caveats and mortgages, and charter vessel registrations.

A complete list of the Fees and Levies is available here.