Catch Effort EDT Project - Feedback to MFish

We are very pleased to announce that FishServe has commenced a joint project with the Ministry of Fisheries to introduce Catch Effort Electronic Data Transmission (EDT).

Once implemented, EDT will allow permit holders to submit their Catch Effort returns to FishServe electronically - either directly from your vessels, or via your offices. It is our expectation that CE EDT will be available for use by permit holders by 1 October 2009.

As part of the project the Ministry of Fisheries is seeking feedback on various policy matters they are still investigating, and have circulated a discussion document to stakeholders to get feedback on 4 key policy areas as follows:
  1. Whether or not you would make use of EDT

  2. Whether EDT should be voluntary or mandatory

  3. Whether you would support a change in the rules surrounding submission times for electronic returns

  4. Which of two options you support for providing reduced fees for those using EDT rather than manual submission for CE forms.

FishServe would like to encourage all permit holders to provide feedback on these items so that the Ministry's decisions will be made in the full knowledge of the views of industry.

The Ministry's discussion document can be found here. Please send your feedback to Tracey Steel by no later than 18 September 2008.