Catch Effort Form Processing Change

MPI is changing the process of sending back Catch Effort forms for correction.

Catch returns are required by Regulation to be submitted accurately and in a timely fashion. This enables the Ministry for Primary Industries ( MPI ) Fisheries Management to incorporate the data in their analysis and make fish stock management decisions to assist the fish harvesters through setting total allowable catches (TAC).

As you are aware, FishServe under contract, manages the requirements of the Fisheries (Reporting) Regulations 2001 for catch returns. FishServe has traditionally issued two letters, generally a month apart, requesting corrections to catch returns or reminding fishers of overdue returns.

In order for MPI to obtain accurate and timely catch data, FishServe will now only issue one letter to permit holders from the 1st August 2016. If no response is received from the permit holder within 14 days of that letter then the matter will be referred to the MPI Infringement Processing Centre to consider issuing an Infringement Notice.

CEDRIC, which has been developed by FishServe, is a free and easy to use tool that enables permit holders to complete and submit their catch returns electronically with almost 100% accuracy, removing any chance of missed deadlines.

MPI and FishServe require and encourage permit holders to provide their catch returns to FishServe within 15 days after the last day of the calendar month in which the fishing trip ended or 15 days after the last day of the fishing trip - depending on the type of catch return.

A copy of the letter sent to permit holders and fishers is available here