January 2022

  • Updated 28th March 2022.Following the move to the red traffic light setting, there will be some changes at FishServe from:11:59 PM on Sunday the 23rd of JanuaryKeep reading to find out more.Office … more

  • The Department of Conservation (DOC) is seekingfeedbackon a proposed marine reserve inHākaimangō-Matiatia (Northwest Waiheke), Auckland.The proposal covers 2,350 ha off the north-western corner of … more

  • Fisheries New Zealand seeks feedback on proposed operational changes to various fisheries regulations that cover commercial, customary, and amateur fisheries.The proposed changes that apply primarily … more

  • A new project will help accelerate the production of a compostable and biodegradable alternative to polystyrene packaging used in the seafood industry.The Government is contributingto the project … more

  • Commercial Fisheries Services Ltd. has a policy to publicise the names of its clients with debts outstanding greater than 90 days.The following is a list of such debtors, as at 12thJanuary 2022. … more

  • Under the orange traffic light setting there are some changes at FishServe you need to be aware ofKeep reading to find out more.Office Access & Working ArrangementsThe FishServe office is now located … more