December 2016

  • MPI invites comment on extending the Operational Plan to manage the incidental capture of New Zealand sea lions in the southern squid trawl fishery (SQU 6T) for 2016-17.Submissions close 23rd … more

  • Due to a system error,ACE ownersmay have received the same email notification for their monthly ACE balance numerous times.We apologise for thisand hope it hasn'truined your Christmas. more

  • The FishServe office will be closed from1:00pm Friday 23rd December 2016until8:00am Wednesday 4th January 2017. You can still carry out online transactions via our website during this time.Direct … more

  • Commercial Fisheries Services Ltd has a policy to publicise the names of its clients with debts outstanding greater than 90 days.There are currently no bad debtors. more

  • A long-term plan for the future management of New Zealand’s SNA1 fishery wasaccepted by Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy on the 6th of December 2016.The planfocuses on improving fishing … more