April 2006

  • Crown Tender 2006-02Annual Catch EntitlementApril 2006/2007 Fishing YearStock CodeACE (kg)Stock CodeACE (kg)Stock CodeACE (kg)BYA188GSC128MMI82,577BYA288GSC37,710MMI92,200BYA388GSC56,300PDO188BYA588 … more

  • The Minister of Fisheries has increased the Total Allowable Catch (TAC) for SQU1T for the 2005/2006 fishing year from 44,740,881 kg to 53,689,060 (an increase of 8,948,179 kg), effective from 21 … more

  • Please remember that all ACE transfers for stocks belonging to the April 2005/2006 fishing year must be processed by FishServe on or before 15 April 2006. Any transfer applications received after … more