An Update from FishServe

As some of you may be aware, Wayne Lowther, the General Manager of Client Services, has chosen to retire from FishServe.

Wayne will be stepping down from his role as General Manager effective Monday the 4th of May. However, he will remain on in a limited capacity to assist his successor in taking over the General Manager role.

Wayne’s knowledge, understanding and experience has been a huge boon to FishServe and to the industry throughout the years. His remarkable career has been shaped by a comprehensive knowledge of the Quota Management System; a sharp understanding and insight of the industry and its dynamics; and years of experiences in administering the systems and processes required under the Fisheries Act 1996.

Throughout his career with FishServe, Wayne imparted that same knowledge, understanding and experience upon many of our staff, and helped shepherd them through their own careers with FishServe.

While we are saddened to see him go after many years of devoted service, we would like to extend our best wishes for the future and heartfelt gratitude for his contributions to FishServe and all its staff.

Over the last few weeks, Wayne has been working closely with his successor to prepare them for the role.

We would therefore like to extend this opportunity and welcome Lynda Amitrano to FishServe as our new General Manager of Operations.

From Monday the 4th of May, Lynda will take over the responsibility of the operational services provided to our clients and the administering of the systems and processes required under the Fisheries Act 1996.

Lynda joins FishServe and the commercial fishing industry after 20 years in the building and construction sector.

In her previous roles, she diligently led teams to deliver projects to meet the building and construction industry’s dynamic, changing needs - in both research and commercial capacities. Such projects included the implementation and delivery of product evaluation services that supported manufacturers in showing compliance of their products.

She developed extensive experience in creating and maintaining successful relationships between clients, industry stakeholders and the regulator.

Lynda’s skills and strengths will be of huge benefit to FishServe and a vital asset to the industry at large. She looks forward to contributing those valuable skills and strengths to one of New Zealand’s key primary industries. 

We hope that you will join us in welcoming her aboard and wishing her every success with FishServe.

Should you have any further queries, you can contact us on the helpline on 04 460 9555 or by using our online contact form.