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Use the guide below to find out how to renew a vessel registration.

Please refer to the relevant guides for information about the Vessel Summary Screen, applying for, amending, or cancelling a vessel registration OR adding a GPR or cancelling a mobile GPR:


Renew a Vessel Registration

Step Description
1 To renew a vessel registration you can either complete and submit the appropriate form OR renew via the FishServe website.
  • To renew using a form, go to step 2.
  • To renew via the FishServe website, go to step 3.
Please note: Completing this application online is more cost-effective as the transaction fees are lower. Refer to our Schedule of Fees for more information.
Vessel Registration Form

To renew a vessel registration using a form, download and complete an Application to Register a Vessel form based on the length of the vessel (either 28 metres and under or over 28 metres).

If the vessel is foreign-owned, download and complete the Application to Register a Foreign-Owned Vessel form instead.

Please return completed forms to FishServe by scanning and emailing them to OR your client representative. Scanned documents must be clear, legible, and signed by the appropriate person(s). Go to step 10.

Renew via Website
3 Click the Licences tab.
Note: You must be signed into FishServe and have Vessel Manager authorisation to do this.

4 The Vessel Summary screen will display.
Refer to the Vessel Summary Screen page for more information about this screen.
Click Renew for vessel you want to renew.
Note: To renew an existing vessel registration it must be within 6 weeks of its current expiry date.
Otherwise, you will need to wait until it is closer to expiring before renewing the registration
If the vessel registration has already expired, you will need to tick the Show expired and cancelled box to display the vessel.

5 The Renew Vessel screen will display.

6 Check that all details are correct for each section.
Add any missing information.
Amend any outdated information.
7 Once you have checked all the information and made the required changes, scroll down and click Proceed to payment.

8 Payment methods vary based on your pre-payment status.
You can pay by either invoice OR credit card ONLY if you are pre-paid exempt. To pay by invoice, go to step 9.
You must pay by credit card if you are not pre-paid exempt. To do this, go to step 10.
Paying by Invoice
9 To pay by invoice, select By Invoice from the drop-down menu.
Click Pay and Renew Vessel Application.
The transaction charge will appear on your next statement for payment.
Go to step 11.

Paying by Credit Card
10 Payment by credit card is required unless you are preapproved.
Click Pay and Renew Vessel Application.

A Paystation pop-up will display.
Enter your card details, then click Pay Now.
Do not close or exit the browser while payment processes.

Note: You can still pay by credit card even if you are pre-paid exempt. To do this, select Credit Card from the drop-down list and click Pay and Renew Vessel Application.

11 Once your application is approved, we will mail your renewed Certificate of Vessel Registration to you.
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