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Use the guide below to find out how to renew a fishing permit. This method preserves certain information, like landing points, which you can amend as required.

Please refer to the relevant guides for information about the Permit Summary Screen OR how to apply for or cancel a fishing permit:


Renew a Fishing Permit

Step Description
1 To renew a fishing permit you can either complete and submit the appropriate form OR renew via the FishServe website.
  • To renew using a form, go to step 2.
  • To renew via the FishServe website, go to step 3.
Permit Form

To renew a fishing permit using a form, download and complete the Application for Re-Issue of a Fishing Permit form.

Please return completed forms to FishServe by scanning and emailing them to OR your client representative. Scanned documents must be clear, legible, and signed by the appropriate person(s). Go to step 12.

Renew via Website
3 To renew via the FishServe website, click the Licences tab to begin.
Note: You must be signed into FishServe and have Permit authorisation to do this.

4 Depending on your other authorisations (e.g. Vessel), you may need to click Permits in the side-menu.

5 The Permits screen will display.
Click Renew next to the permit you want renewed.
Note: To renew an existing permit, it must be within 6 weeks of its current expiry date.

6 The Permit Application will display.

7 Under Permit Details, complete the following actions:
  • Answer the Prohibited Persons question.
  • Select a start date for the permit.*
  • Select the duration of the permit (e.g. 1 year, 2 years, 5 years).*
  • Enter the number of additional copies required (leave blank if none).
*Note: The end date of the permit is set to the last day of the same start month, but in the chosen number of years time (e.g. a 1 year permit starting on the 1st of October 2022 ends on the 31st of October 2023).

8 All previous Landing Points are already populated.
You can amend these if you need to.

Add more landing points by clicking Add New Landing Point.
Enter as many as required.

Click the X over to the right-hand side to delete points.

9 Scroll down once you've entered the required information and click Proceed to Payment.

10 Underneath, a summary of charges is displayed.
Click Pay and Request Permit to proceed.
Credit/debit card payment is required for permits.

Note: Any additional copies you request are included in this summary.

11 A Paystation pop-up will display.
Enter your card details, then click Pay Now.
Do not close or exit the browser while payment processes.

12 Provided your application is successful, we will mail your permit (and any additional copies) to you.
You cannot fish until you receive a physical copy (or copies) of the permit.
In addition, you are required to:
  • Report your fishing electronically.
  • Submit a Monthly Harvest Return for every month you hold a fishing permit.

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