Page last updated: 13th March 2023.

Use the guide below to find out more about the ER Submissions screen and how to access it.

Refer to the relevant guides for information about the Trip Summary screen OR how to view, add, amend, or delete other event reports:


Submissions Screen

Column TitleText DisplayedDescription
Received Date DD MMM YYYY
(e.g. 1 Oct 2022)
The date FishServe received the report.
Note: This may differ from the Event Date.
(e.g. 1 Oct 2022 10:00 AM)
The date FishServe received the report.
Note: This may differ from the Event Date.
Action Submit, Amend, etc. Indicates the last action taken on the report (e.g. a Landing will show amend after greenweights are amended).
Vessel Vessel Number and Name The vessel number and its name.
Event Trip Start, Trawl, etc. Indicates the event type.
A status displays under each event.


Indicates a successfully accepted event report.


Indicates the event report has an error.
Please see our ER Errors Quick Guide for more information about ER errors and how to resolve them.


Indicates a rejected event report.
You need to correct rejected reports on your elogbook before attempting to resubmit them to FishServe.
Completed By User's Name Indicates the user who completed the report.
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Accessing Submissions

Step Description
1 Click the ER tab to begin.
Note: You must be signed into FishServe and have ER authorisation to do this.

2 The Trip Summary screen will display.
To view ER submissions, click Submissions in the side-menu.

3 The Submissions screen will display.

4 Use the Filters to quickly filter by:
  • Vessel Name
  • Event Date Range
  • Event
  • Completed By
  • Status
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Additional Resources

Please contact the helpline on 04 460 9555 or use our online contact form if you have any issues or questions.

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