Page last updated: 13th March 2023.

Use the guide below to find out how to amend your Landings to add LFR details.

Refer to the relevant guides for information about the Trip Summary or Submissions screen OR how to view, add, amend, or delete other event reports:

Add LFR Details to Landings

Step Description
1 Click the ER (Electronic Reporting) tab to begin.
Note: You must be signed into FishServe and have ER authorisation to do this.
You need to be the original completer or an ER Manager or Admin to amend the report.

2 The Trip Summary screen will display.
Find the trip with the landing you need to amend.
Trips with outstanding LFR details display with the Trip Finished - LFR GWTs Required status.

You can use the Filters to only show trips with outstanding LFR details.

3 Once you've found the correct trip, click on the row to open it.
This displays all the events that make up the trip.
Click Amend next to the landing.

4 The Landing Amendment screen will display.
To add LFR details, scroll down until you see the landing, displayed in blue.
Click on the landing to open it if it isn't already.

If multiple landings were recorded within the same report (e.g. different landing codes or LFRs), then each one will display separately.
Repeat this process for each landing.

Click Change code if you need to amend a landing code.

OR click Delete landing if you need to delete a landing.

OR scroll down and click Add new landing if you need to add another landing.

5 Missing LFR details display surrounded in orange.

Enter the LFR details received only if you have received all details from your LFR.
This is the date you received the invoice/docket from your LFR.
Leave this blank if you have not received all details yet.
You can enter as much detail as you have available and return to the report later.

6 Next, enter the confirmed greenweights in the Weight (KG) field by overwriting the estimated weights.
Note: Entering a confirmed greenweight that is significantly different to the value calculated by the count and content weight results in errors. For example, entering a greenweight of 200KG when the count and content weight value was 50KG.

Click Add stock to add more stock lines.
Enter as many as required.

Click the X over to the right-hand side to delete stock lines.

7 Next, enter the Purchase Order (P.O.) Number for each stock line.

Click Copy P.O. only if the number is the same for all rows.

8 Click Add Product States to add Multi-species Product States, otherwise proceed to step 9.
This includes:
  • Fish Meal (MEA)
  • Livers (LIV)
  • Livers By-product (LIB)

This opens an additional menu where you can enter Multi-species Product States.

9 Once you've entered as many LFR details as possible, scroll down to the Amendment Reason field.
This field will automatically populate with "Greenweights provided" and this is sufficient provided you have made no other changes to the report.

10 Click Submit to complete amending your report.

Additional Resources

Please contact the helpline on 04 460 9555 or use our online contact form if you have any issues or questions.

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