Page last updated: 13th March 2023.

Use the guide below to find out how to delete reports.

Only use the delete function if a report was submitted in error. This permanently deletes reports and is irreversible. FishServe cannot recover or restore deleted reports.

We recommend amending reports if possible.

Refer to the relevant guides for information about the Trip Summary or Submissions screen OR how to view, add, or amend other event reports:


Deleting Reports

Step Description
1 Click the ER tab to begin.
Note: You must be signed into FishServe and have ER authorisation to do this.
You need to be the original completer or an ER Manager or Admin to delete the report.

2 The Trip Summary screen will display.
You can use either the Trip Summary screen OR the Submissions screen to find the report.
  • To continue using the Trip Summary screen, go to step 3.
  • To use the Submissions screen instead, go to step 6.
Trip Summary
3 The Trip Summary screen provides an overview of all your fishing trips.
Note: Please refer to the ER Trip Summary Screen page for more information.

4 You can use the Filters to narrow your search by:
  • Vessel Name
  • Trip Start Date Range
  • Trip Status
  • Trips with Errors

5 Once you've found the correct trip, click on the row to open it.
This displays all the events that make up the trip.
Click View next to the report.
Go to step 10.

6 Click Submissions in the side-menu to access the Submissions screen.

7 The Submissions screen will display.
Note: Please refer to the Submissions Screen page for more information.

8 Use the Filters to quickly filter by:
  • Vessel Name
  • Event Date Range
  • Event
  • Completed By
  • Status
9 Once you've found the correct report, click View on the right-hand side.
Go to step 10.

10 The Report Detail screen displays.
The title will vary based on the report you are viewing (e.g. Bottom Trawl Detail, Handlining Detail).

11 Click Select Action, then choose Delete from the drop-down menu.

12 A pop-up appears after choosing Delete.
Provide a reason for the delete then click Confirm Delete to proceed.
Note: This action permanently deletes the report and is irreversible.
FishServe cannot recover or restore deleted reports.

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Additional Resources

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