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Use the guide below to find out how to transfer ACE.

To view your ACE & Catch Position or ACE History, please refer to the relevant guides:

ACE Transfer

Step Description
1 Click the ACE & Catch tab to begin.
Note: You must be signed into FishServe and have ACE authorisation to do this.

2 The ACE & Catch Position screen will display.
Click Transfer ACE in the side-menu.

3 The ACE Transfer screen will display.

4 Enter the transferee's client name or number in the To field.
Select the client you want to transfer ACE to from the suggest results that appear.

Note: Click Try again if you didn't find who you were looking for.

5 Next, enter the stock details for the ACE transfer. This includes:
  • Stock to be transferred
  • Transfer amount 
  • Unit or sale price

Only valid stock codes and whole KG amounts or units can be entered.

Click Add stock to add more.
You can also use the tab and enter keys after entering a unit/sale price to add more.
Enter as many stocks as required.

Click the X over to the right-hand side to delete stocks.

Note: Click Add all ACE to populate the transfer with each stock held and the total ACE available for transfer (any caveated ACE will not be included). This will only be available if the transfer is for a current fishing year. You will still need to enter a unit or total price for each stock.

6 Click Proceed to payment once you've added all stocks.

7 You will see an additional Sub Stock Details section if your ACE transfer includes any stocks with a sub stock agreement (e.g. HOK1, TAR1).
You can tick the Industry Splits checkbox to split these stocks according to the industry splits.
Otherwise, you can provide the splits later via the SRE tab.

8 Payment methods vary based on your pre-payment status.
You can pay by either invoice OR credit card ONLY if you are pre-paid exempt. To pay by invoice, go to step 9.
You must pay by credit card if you are not pre-paid exempt. To do this, go to step 10.
Paying by Invoice
9 To pay by invoice, select By Invoice from the drop-down menu.

Click Transfer ACE Now. The transaction charge will appear on your next statement for payment.
Go to step 12.

Paying by Credit Card
10 Payment by credit card is required unless you are preapproved.
Click Pay and Transfer ACE now.

Note: You can still pay by credit card even if you are pre-paid exempt. To do this, select Credit Card from the drop-down list and click Pay and Transfer ACE now.

11 A Paystation pop-up will display.
Enter your card details, then click Pay Now.
Do not close or exit the browser while payment processes.

12 The ACE Transfer screen will display showing a summary of the transfer.

The following applies if the ACE transfer is for a current fishing year: 
  • The ACE is transferred immediately.
  • Transfer notifications are generated and sent.
  • The ACE & Catch Position Screen updates to reflect the new transfer.

The following applies to ACE transfers for the next fishing year (Forward ACE Transfers): 

  • Receipt of Forward ACE Transfer notifications are generated and sent.
  • Details of the transfer are held until the first day of the next fishing year.
  • On the first day of the next fishing year:
    • The forward ACE transfer is processed as part of the Annual ACE Allocation process.
    • Notifications are generated notifying whether the transfer is registered or rejected.

Additional Resources

Please contact the helpline on 04 460 9555 or use our online contact form if you have any issues or questions.

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