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Use the guide below to find out more about the ACE & Catch Position screen and how to access it.

To view your ACE History or transfer ACE, please refer to the relevant guides:


ACE & Catch Position Screen

Column TitleText DisplayedDescription
Stock Fishstock Code
(e.g. SNA1)
Clicking on the stock row will provide your more detail about the stock, including:
  • Description of ACE Movement (e.g. MHR, ACE Transfer)
  • ACE Movement In/Out (e.g. -1,000 for a transfer out)
  • Catch
Status Allowed to fish Some stocks require a minimum amount be held before they can be fished. This indicates sufficient ACE is held to fish a stock.
Not allowed to fish This indicates insufficient ACE held to fish a stock.
Note: Refer to the Permits page for more information on minimum ACE Holdings.
© ACE Caveat Indicates a caveat over ACE. This restricts the ability to transfer ACE.
Fishing Year MMM YYYY
(e.g. Oct 2022)
The fishing year for a stock.
Total ACE 1,000, etc. The total amount of ACE held for a stock.
Total Catch 750, etc. Total catch to date for a stock.
Balance 250, etc. Total ACE less total catch to date.
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Accessing ACE & Catch Position

Step Description
1 Click the ACE & Catch tab to begin.
Note: You must be signed into FishServe and have ACE authorisation to do this.

2 The ACE & Catch Position screen will display.
This screen provides an overview of all your ACE movements (e.g. transfers, MHRs, allocations).

3 You can also export your current ACE & Catch position to a either a PDF or .csv (Excel) file by clicking Export ACE & Catch Position.

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Additional Resources

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